Semi-Transparent Green/Black Vinyl Record. Vinyl + Digital Album (£7)

STONEDWAVE006 - Twisted Giblet (Green Glow Edition)

New from Stonedwave (founded by Chip Tronic), who has lately been active for both the kugkmusique and the oyabun label comes a collection of powerful dark wonky techno tracks who have been created for freaking out on the dancefloor while still creating pictures in the listeners mind . The tunes have been selected and tested by Dj Wotta Mess. The latter has been doing the Warm Up for Dont radio show which is a regular internet event before Jerome Hill´s London based events. Dj Wotta Mess selected his favourite tunes by Chip Tronic to test them on a dubplate ( like in the UK Jungle scene in the 90ies ). The results can be found are on this 12 inch which has a 95% green , 5% black color, thus being dark but shimmering in the sunlight like an evil artefact. Thus it reflects the mai topic of the record : the fight between hell and heaven, or between the artist and the machines. The tracks were recorded in several studio live sessions. The artist was deeply influenced by some urban fantasy novels dealing with this topic but also by classic novels like Dante´s Inferno or ancient stories. The record starts with « Tanz im Bannkreis » a kind of pagan dance in a witch circle , consisting of a repetitive rhythm , jumping back and forth on a crunchy bassline which is accompanied by rocket like whistles which finally hypnotize the listener / dancer and culminate in an ancient hymn for modern dancefloors. « Dante » has a powerful swing, hell´s bass and again : glitch, funk, tech & roll. « Michael Wins » tells an ancient story about a fight between the archangel Michael and the duke of greece and is one of the longtest tracks on this ep, with longer breaks, again lot of shuffles, glitches and syncopated breaks and the reece basslines « Alphalegion » might be the most straightforward tune on the ep with a friendlier undertone, telling the story of an Astartes Legion in the Warhammer40 k universe. credits releases October 1, 2017 mastered by DJ VADZ tags credits released September 20, 2017