Limited Edition 12" on snow-white Vinyl. Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

STONEDWAVE005 Jochen Heym - Sononaut

Stonedwave presents the latest EP offering from Jochen Heym; „Sonoaut“ on snow white vinyl limited to 300 copies. Bridging the gap between Hardcore, Drill and Bass and Braindance on tracks like Exit Vessel and Init Conversation the artist creates dadaistic piano arrangements that meet talking funk basslines while the tracks are still heavily rooted on the dance floor. Songs like Winterlicht and Unreachable connect the artwork taken by Icelandic Photographer Halldor Ingi to muted microtonal sounds and hypnotic piano loops . Inspired by his hiking trips to remote locations in northern Europe Jochen Heym started to invent his own microtonal tunings which can be heard throughout the whole release and define his personal unique sound character.

Establishing his style of writing electronic music and creating music with classical instruments in 2005 Jochen Heym kept on composing tracks on a daily basis of which a small exclusive selection can be heard on this record.

Expanding from 5.1 Surround Installations and orchestral recordings in Darmstadt / Germany the artists relocation to the city of Cologne also exposed his writing style to unusual tunings and ambient textures while still true to his roots in hardcore, breakcore and acid house. Sononaut is the first installation of a series of releases where additional tracks will be selected from the vast archive the composer created during the last decade. Some of the material that did not make it on the record was digitally released as SONONAUT BONUS as a gift to the fans.