Dark bass driven techno incubates dark, extrinsic sensation

KaRPM breeds on the dark side of the turntables, and that doesn't mean his home in Magdeburg! The musical output of the time-honored veteran fluctuates between apocalyptic moods, dark, critical self-reflection and somewhat ironically interspersed soundtrack classics. But no matter if horror, science fiction or good old bud spencer all tracks follow the hard bass line above 140 to 155 BPM and a dark breeding sensation.


KaRPM, representative of Brighton techno, breakbeats and breakcore subjugates the dancefloor. With early appearances at the Leipzig 1040 Club, KaRPM has been one of the first hardcore DJs in the East with an impressive influential track record! In the meantime KaRPM started building a portfolio of tracks extending his DJ back-catalogue. Dark black DJ sets uplift his mood which is mirrored in composition and tools: KaRPM plays vinyl only. Call him old skool – retirement is not an option.