Jochen Heym

Jochen Heym is an audiovisual avantgardist from Cologne. A very important part of Heyms compositions is the fusion of classical and electronical music in 5.1 Dolby Surround. Jochen Heym also creates music videos for these compositions that are presented and altered live on multiple projectors.  Emerging for the underground of outdoor raves on the edge of millennia Jochen Heym is rooted in the early electronic message board scene which he started with friends to share unknown electronic music which later grew to attract international top djs and initiated an ongoing line of raves for over 20 years all over Germany. never interested in commercial sellout Jochen Heym supported label owner and electronic pioneer chip tronic on his mission to ramp up the underground with the labels bombtrap and stonedwave during the last 2 decades 


Recent Relases: 


  • STONEDWAVE 005 - Jochen Heym - Sononaut LP on white vinyl click
  • STONEDWAVE 007 - Restless Breed 3.0 on black vinyl click
  • STONEDWAVE 010 - Restless Breed 4.0 double LP compilation on black vinyl click


Bandcamp Jochen Heym click
Bandcamp STONEDWAVE click

  • STONEDWAVE 005 Jochen Heym - Sononaut LP FLAC / WAV / MP3 click
  • STONEDWAVE 005b - Jochen Heym - Sononaut BONUS DIGITAL RELEASE FLAC / WAV / MP3 click
  • Jochen Heym - Portal of Illusion EP FLAC / WAV / MP3 click
  • Jochen Heym - EverythingInTheRightPlace FLAC / WAV / MP3 click
  • Jochen Heym - Kosmos EP (2003​-​2008)  FLAC / WAV / MP3click
  • Jochen Heym - Sonnenstraub V2 FLAC / WAV / MP3 click
  • Jochen Heym - Deconstructed Emotions (instrumental) FLAC / WAV / MP3 click
  • Jochen Heym - PSY EP FLAC / WAV / MP3 click


Boomkat Product Review:

First in a gush of Jochen Heym material to come.

His maiden voyage Sononaut plugs gaps between braindance, breaks and ambient electronica in unique style, twisting out from Cylobian drill ’n bass in Exit Vessel to the punchy Breaks of Init Conversation with deft style, and proving equally adept at dream sequence chime and spaces in the miniature Winterlicht and the Colundi-style cadence of Final Transmission, plus a fine bit of AFX-in-Twin Peaks with Unreachable.


bleep review STONEDWAVE 005: 

Stonedwave - one of the quirkier labels coming out of Germany at the moment - drop a schizophrenic ep from Jochen Heym. There’s all sorts going on on Sononaut, so it’s best to take things track-by-track:

  • Opener ‘Exit Vessel’ is a super-wacky and hyperactive cut. A tinny d&b groove remains constant, but atop it we get everything from pretty piano to synth-bass freakouts.
  • ‘Winterlicht’ is a gorgeous and floating ambience that recalls Brian Eno’s seminal mood music.
  • ‘Init Conversation’ is big-beat techno that also borrows from acid and hardcore.
  • ‘Unreachable’ is pensive, wheezing electronica ala Autechre.
  • Things close out with the cling-clang tubular loop-track ‘Final Transmission’.

A mixed bag, then. Good though. review of STONEDWAVE 005:

Stonedwave presents the latest EP offering from Jochen Heym, - Sonoaut on snow white vinyl limited to 300 copies. Bridging the gap between Hardcore, Drill and Bass and Braindance on tracks like Exit Vessel and Init Conversation the artist creates dadaistic piano arrangements that meet talking funk basslines while the tracks are still heavily rooted on the dance floor. Songs like Winterlicht and Unreachable connect the artwork taken by Icelandic Photographer Halldor Ingi to muted microtonal sounds and hypnotic piano loops . Inspired by his hiking trips to remote locations in northern Europe Jochen Heym started to invent his own microtonal tunings which can be heard throughout the whole release and define his personal unique sound character.

Establishing his style of writing electronic music and creating music with classical instruments in 2005 Jochen Heym kept on composing tracks on a daily basis of which a small exclusive selection can be heard on this record.

Expanding from 5.1 Surround Installations and orchestral recordings in Darmstadt / Germany the artists relocation to the city of Cologne also exposed his writing style to unusual tunings and ambient textures while still true to his roots in hardcore, breakcore and acid house. Artists like Miles Davis, Jacques Loussier are in the same way present in the music as more comtemporary composers like Aphex Twin, Stockhausen and Autechre.

Sononaut is the first installation of a series of releases where additional tracks will be selected from the vast archive the composer created during the last decade review STONEDWAVE 007: 

Jochen Heym is also featured twice on it. After his ep "Sononaut" this time he brings a mellow braindance electro tune: Floating Soul

In Addition B1 contains a remix of the cling clang ambient tune of the Stonedwave005 => Chip Tronic transforms the ambient piece into a hectical electro tune.