Chip Tronic - the bionic fucked ip mutant from hell



Focusing on the Brighton techno, wonky techno, and electro sound and having been producing and playing as DJ/live act for several years. founded BOMBTRAP with Antonio Marques and runs the label "STONEDWAVE" with Jochen Heym.

Born in Sinsheim in 1980 and grown up in Germany ´s rave days Chip Tronic has listened to a lot of sets on classic radio. He was deeply impressed by the more experimental parts of the HR3 Clubnight Sets which Sven Väth played at that time
as well as the radio shows "Fusion" and "NewsOnVinyl" which were broadcasted by the Karlsruhe free radio "Querfunk" from 1997 to 2000.

After listening and collecting and by researching and buying records himself he soon began to discover and deepen his love for experimental electronic dance music and began creating own tunes in the year 1999.

After first experiments with a Roland MC303 groovebox he switched to using Reaktor.

At that time he met in Karlsruhe some companions and together with them travlled to club/event "NEUE HEIMAT" in Stuttgart ( Prag ) which was hosted by Daniel Benavente where he even met more musical friends :

with one of them - Antonio Marques - he founded the label BOMBTRAP and released one of his first records : "Restless Breed" has become a classic for some of the wonky lovers in Eastern Germany.


with another one - Jochen Heym - he is still working together.


Later more releases followed. The label STONEDWAVE was founded at the end of 2005 and released STONEDWAVE001 and STONEDWAVE002

At the same time the label BOMBTRAP was given to Antonio Marques who is still running it and following the philosophy bombs for the mind and traps for the floor or vice versa :)

After some years focusing more on his day job and only releasing tunes of the archive etc a new production effort has been started since 2012 .

Tunes like "Paranoid Vood" were created and some liveacts have been done at the GROUNDZERO technocamp.

In 2014 and 2015 the label history continued with STONEDWAVE003 and STONEDWAVE004 . 003 marks a milestone because it is the first available physical release after the Bombtrap10 and Slidebar02 .

After the OYABUN releases and the STONEDWAVE006 and having started with the irregular mix series called "jiggle, smile and rave" at the moment a bunch of new tunes are being created for new liveacts which will be performed in 2018`s summer and late summer season.