Thomas Grinder

Thomas Grinder first steps in creating any kind of music were taken in half of 90s and were closely related to computer demoscene. The discovery and fascination with alternative genres of techno music has rightly directed his later productions, which became increasingly better. At the end of 1997, Thomas played his first little live act. The performance took place in Gong club in home city Bydgoszcz (PL) was warmly accepted, despite some deficiencies.

After 2000 the unprosperity at the local club scene and commercialization of music resulted in the loss of place for alternative techno. Over the next few years has focused exclusively on the production of new material, but failed to find the publisher. After that activity was suspended for a few years.

After moving to Poznan he decided reactivate the production of music and about 2006 y began to release new tracks. Grinder's new material was heavily influenced by the wonky techno style of unsurpassed British pioneers. Moreover, his life in a new place was reflected in the works. Using the old & unreleased material he began to find publishers what gave the sense of his actions.

By today he has released few of digital Eps and album in labels such as Symbiosis Trax and Pantograph Records. He published many individual tracks and remixes on various compilation labels such as Dark Crank, Panel Trax, Russian Techno, Oyabun Audio, Deadbeat. A great success for Thomas was the release of two remixes on vinyl compilations of the German label STONEDWAVE.