Sane is Russell Burnell, he has produced many of the world's most successful dance acts, had several number one hit singles, toured globally playing major stadium events and is a compulsive liar. He was born in 1936 and fought for the Swiss in ww2 as the pilot of a dirigible where his experiences of lateral drift and uncomfortable rhythmic swaying against a background of loud regular bangs began to form the basis of ideas for a new form of music, which he later invented and named techno. Unfortunately he died of a crab bite in 1972 but a memorial to his competence can still be seen if you look closely enough.

Recent Releases:

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Sane - Thoughts on „The Hangover“ ( STONEDWAVE007-A1 )

Here is what Sane says about „The Hangover“ on STONEDWAVE007:

The Hangover started out with a DSI Tempest, I was torturing it one night and it started making a really harsh, industrial screeching sound in protest that made me laugh so I decided to try and build a track around it. - That sound was used to make a fairly unconventional 'melody' that seemed to suit the uncomfortable nature of the noise. Rhythmic and melodic elements were added in Ableton in an attempt to bring some coherence to the track, the drums were done in Ableton using a pack of sampled 909 sounds. - Once there were enough elements to work with I recorded an extended live jam, using Ableton's built in 'Redux' bit crusher on the drums and having fun tweaking the Tempest. The live performance was edited into the final track, uploaded to soundcloud and released by Gideon Lenz on his STONEDWAVE label, who I thank, having been mastered by Vadz who did a great job. - The title is a reference to that original noise that sounds overly harsh and abrasive like things do when you're hungover, and also a very silly picture book that I read the night before called 'The Ladybird book of The Hangover' which gave me a good laugh.“