Mason Rent

The secrecy and mystery of the whole time and space continuum delivered as a language through music which you`d never find in the usual clubs, only by finding the fine selection of people who could actually deliver the raw energy of a UFO that just landed under the backyard of your highschool. This was what really drew Masons attention in the first place to dig in that whole world of techno.

„I was always inspired by all things technical, especially the ones making sound, like a calculator or an old black and white tv, with which you could play around with.“ He says.

If he has to choose influences it would be definitely the whole Brighton Posse of the mid 90s

Music is a Journey ,defined by cosmic rules, resonating through mind, performed by body. Limited by emotion,born by will. Separated in single perception, shared as universal language. This is the idea of describing the course of life in a unknown way. And trying be a part of the continuous.